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LucyFur's Page of Ultimate Cuteness!
Hi! I'm LucyFur, a very cute black smoke medium haired cat. I was born in Leander, TX around March 10, 1999. Some people say I look like my cat mom, but I think I'm much cuter. I'm not sure who my dad is, but I bet he is cute, too. That must be where I get it from. I have a brother and a sister, who look just like me, but we've lost touch.

I came to live with my mom in Austin when I was just six weeks old. I was covered with fleas and infested with worms but mom took care of me and realized my cuteness potential. It took us a while to understand each other, but once we did, we realized that it was meant to be! Now I never leave her side! I wake her up in the morning by licking her chin, purring and giving her neck massages with my paws. I can even talk! My favorite word to say is "Mama".

I'm now a full grown cat, though I answer to kitten, or even puppy, and a few other things. I like to terrorize all the other animals and lay on mom's bed. You could say I'm spoiled, but then I could say I'm worth it!

Here are some very cute pictures of me!


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