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The Happy Hedgehog

Welcome to the Happy Hedgehog! We are a hobby breeder, established in 1999, located in Fort Worth, Texas. The Happy Hedgehog breeds for health, show quality and temperament. All hedgehogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry and can be viewed on the premise!

None at this time.

None at this time.

We have temporarily suspended our breeding program!

All babies come with a birth certificate, starter food supply and after care support.


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This page is dedicated to my first hedgehog, Snarf 'Pricklebutt', who passed away the last weekend of February 1999 and in memory of all the other hedgehogs which have passed through the halls of The Happy Hedgehog. While their stays with us were short, their impact on our hearts will remain forever. I hope that every hedgehog that leaves my door brings as much joy to their owners as they did to me.

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Page created 3/99.

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