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The Happy Hedgehog Policy Page

ABOUT THE WAITING LIST (for customers prior to 11/1/01):
When your hoglet is approximately two weeks old, you will be sent an e-mail requiring you to send in a non-refundable $20 deposit fee via check or money order to reserve your hoglet to weaning.  The deposit must be received by the date stated in the e-mail. At the time of pickup, the $20 will be deducted from the final cost of the hedgehog. The remainder due must be paid with cash or money order; Personal checks will not be accepted. If you wish to hold a hoglet past 6 weeks of age we require payment in full prior to purchase. If you fail to arrive at an appointment to pickup a hedgehog without expressed notice, you will forfeit the animal and deposit. 

Signing yourself up on our waiting list signifies that you will also contact us should you need to be removed. We maintain a list of customers removed due to negligant behavior and permanently prohibit business with them.


The Happy Hedgehog prides itself on the health and temperament of our babies and breeding stock. Our babies are assumed to be in excellent health unless proven otherwise. A partial-refund or exchange (subject to availability) is available if the hedgehog is returned within 48 hours in the same condition sold. A full refund or exchange (subject to availability) is available only if the hedgehog sold is returned within one week due to health problems listed by a licensed veterinarian. The purchaser assumes all costs involved. We feel a hedgehog is an investment of time and comittment of love and money only trivializes the emotional bond the animal has formed with its owner. After one
week, all sales are final and no refund will be obtained. 

Should the owner become unable or unwilling to care for the hedgehog they must immediately contact The Happy Hedgehog. We will either accept the animal back or find another home for it. We cannot offer any financial compensation for this service.
The Happy Hedgehog offers no specific color guarantees on hoglets under 12 weeks of age. We classify our babies into standards, albinos, and cotty (Apricot, Cinnicot, etc.).
If a hedgehog sold is to be bred the owner MUST have proper state and federal credentials, including a USDA license. This information must be given to The Happy Hedgehog prior to sale. The Happy Hedgehog retains the right to void a sale in cases of suspected irresponsible breedings.
Your must find a vet that treats exotics prior to bringing your hoglet home. If you live in the Austin area we recommend Westgate Pet and Bird Hospital.


All information and photographs used on these pages are property of The Happy Hedgehog. (c)1999-2001.
Permission must be received before using our information.